Born in Flensburg, Germany, 1975

High School Education in Rosenberg Institute, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Medical School in University of Cologne, Germany

Specialized in Clinical Psychiatry in Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

Attending psychiatrist in American Hospital, Istanbul

  1. Exhibition University of Aachen 1998
  2. Exhibition Besiktas Art Gallery 21-31.12.2010
  3. Exhibition Palace de France 22.06.2012 under the auspice of Consulate of France
  4. Exhibition MKM Art Gallery 7-31.3.2013 under the auspice of Besiktas Municipality
  5. Exhibition Contemporary Istanbul 07-10.11.2013
  6. Exhibition Yalinevler-Gokturk 13.05.2013-14.09.2014